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The region of Talamanca

              Talamanca is quite a big region in the southeastern part of Costa Rica. The area is separated into what they call Baja (baja means low or down) Talamanca and Alta (high/up) Talamanca. Baja Talamanca is mostly on the Caribbean coast, where there is a lot of tourism, beaches, national parks and a lot of international people.

              Alta Talamanca is located in the mountains, only a 15 km drive from the tourist coast but entering a different world. It’s where the indigenous communities are. Talamanca knows two indigenous people groups, the Bribri and the Cabécar. Both groups have their own laws, government, and language.

              Talamanca is very rich in nature and its resources. It’s a jungle area with a lot of land that is very useful for farming. Bananas and plantains as well as cocoa are some of the most common plantations that also bring income for many locals. For Baja Talamanca, tourism is the biggest source of income.


              Even though the area is rich in resources, there are a lot of problems in the communities and brokenness in families. The most common problems are drugs and alcohol, (young) single mothers, sexual abuse, incest and suicide. One of the reasons is a lack of job opportunities in the area and a lack of knowledge about how to be self-sufficient. We believe God's word can bring change in communities as it changes lives and the way people look at themselves and their surroundings. We also believe in training and education through the local church to teach people how they can use their resources to live a different and healthier lifestyle for them and their families.  We acknowledge the importance of helping the individual to discover their gift and passions given by God.

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